• Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) geofoam consists of 98% air and has long been used as a thermal agent.
  • The insulating ability of EPS makes it an ideal material for energy efficient building products


EPS Environment

The demand for energy efficient and sustainable development has increased significantly in recent years, due to social pressure and legislation. For the construction and agricultural sectors this means more accurate information about the environment and the impact that building materials and products has on our surroundings.

Energy Reduction:

EPS is an excellent insulator as air is a poor conductor of heat (as long as it is not allowed to move). EPS is 98% air, therefore it offers exceptional insulating qualities.

Thusanane’s EPS panels insulate houses and our packaging protects valuable shipments.

EPS’s exceptional cushioning and thermal properties result in lower damage rates and maintain a secure cold chain for temperature sensitive products.

EPS Briefing for Architects