Nane protection material comes in a variety of sizes to suit our customers needs.

The benefits of utilising the Nane Protection Material are as follows:

  • Snagging purposes on site
  • To protect tiles / carpets / laminated flooring and the likes.
  • Cost effective
  • Re-useable

Below are the various sizes. If you require a size which is not listed, please contact us and we shall endeavor to assist you.




1mm x 1250mm x 100m
1mm x 1250mm x 200m
1mm x 1500mm x 100m
1mm x 1500mm x 200m
2mm x 1250mm x 100m
2mm x 1250mm x 200m
2mm x 1500mm x 100m
2mm x 1500mm x 200m
3mm x 1250mm x 100m
3mm x 1500mm x 100m
5mm x 1250mm x 50m
5mm x 1250mm x 100m
5mm x 1500mm x 50m
5mm x 1500mm x 100m